SPRITAM is manufactured with US-sourced levetiracetam by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC in Blue Ash, Ohio USA. The manufacturing facility is the first and only in the world to receive FDA authorization to produce a three-dimensionally printed pharmaceutical product for commercial sale in the United States.

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What is ZipDose® Technology?

Taking the oral medication experience to a whole new dimension

ZipDose® Technology is a drug-formulation platform designed to produce rapidly disintegrating forms of highly prescribed medications. It is the first and only platform that uses 3D printing to make medications.

ZipDose® Technology was designed and developed to give patients and their caregivers an option for oral medications that are:

  • Solid, yet easy to take
  • Easy to administer
  • Precisely dosed

Maintains rapid disintegration properties even at high dose loads (up to 1,000 mg)

Provides a wide range of
taste-masking capabilities

Delivers unit-doses for precise and convenient administration

ZipDose ® Technology in Action

See how rapidly a ZipDose® demonstrator disintegrates in water (the demonstrator does not contain medicine).