SPRITAM is manufactured with US-sourced levetiracetam by Aprecia Pharmaceuticals, LLC in Blue Ash, Ohio USA. The manufacturing facility is the first and only in the world to receive FDA authorization to produce a three-dimensionally printed pharmaceutical product for commercial sale in the United States.

Terms & Conditions
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Grace A*

  • Age 71


  • Partial onset seizures

Comorbid Conditions

  • Rehabilitating from a stroke; dysphagia

Primary Caregiver

  • Husband

Presenting Concern

  • Swallowing difficulties
*Clinical scenarios and images do not represent actual patients.

Clinical Considerations

Grace’s stroke left her with mild-to-moderate dysphagia. Her current medication formulations have become more difficult for her to swallow. Grace’s husband wonders if there are other options that will be easy to take.